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Ballets and dance-dramas

The INT has a number of stage productions to its credit, but its special contribution to the theatre movement in India has been in the field of ballet and dance-drama. The production and presentation of spectacular ballets like 'Discovery of India', 'Rhythm of Culture', 'Usha', 'Raj Nartaki', 'Dekh Teri Bambai' and 'Krishna Leela' are some of the landmarks in the short yet phenomenal history of the organization. In early years INT very successfully produced Dance Dramas like "Bhookh", Mirabai", Narsinyo", "Amrapali", etc. under the able direction of Shri Yogendra Desai and litting music given by Shri Avinash Vyas in Gujarati language.

INT had made formidable and admirable research to find out traditional groups of artistes of Kutch and Saurashtra now residing in Bombay city and engaged in their own vocation now or in different professions like Prajapatis (poetters), Sorthi Ghedias (vegetable vendors), Daria Chorus (sea faring Kharwas), Harijans Women's Institute (Stree Mandals), school and college cultural groups - all participated in these 15 days continuous festival of "GARBA RAAS" at Rangabhavan open ground and other places in Bombay. It was a novel experience in organisation and participation of artistes and audience in close proximity round central stage erected for the performances. Trophies were donated by such activity-lovers of Bombay and were given to the winners in different categories of these competitions.

INT sent observers for continuous 3 to 4 years to the Republic Day Function of the Government on January 26 every year at New Delhi where artistes, dancers, musicians and singers of performing folk arts from the 14 States of the Indian Sub-Continent participated. After a thorough study, INT invited the winners of 12 artistes troupes from different States from these festivals to come to the "All India Folk Dance Festival" held by INT at the Braborne Stadium in the year 1952. It was a grand success and a treat to the eyes to see the artistes clad in their colourful costumes of different States. Bombay audience was aghast with exhilaration to witness such a grand galaxy of troupes.

The 'Discovery of India', adapted from Prime Minister Nehru's famous book of the same name was staged before the Asian Relations Conference at New Delhi in April 1947. The impact of the production and the impression that it created on the audience can best be summarised in Nehru's (the author's) own words, after he along with the delegates had witnessed the performance: "I think this show is better than the book itself and it has enhanced the beauty of the book". 'The Rhythm of Culture', another outstanding production by the INT ballet unit presents the glorious saga of the cultural history of India through the ages and seeks to portray the birth and development of Indian music, dance, drama, poetry and philosophy in short, every cultural influence that has moulded the life of the people. Our modern ballet "Dekh Teri Bambai" giving an insight into the life of Bombay city in a span of 24 hours routine life. INT participated along with this ballet to Paris at "Theatre De Nationalle" Festival in 1959.

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